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26 Jul 2017

Porter-Cable PC250MTK 2.5 Amp Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit With 36 Accessories


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Posted By Etta S.

If you do any kind of remodeling or carpentry work, then you know there are a lot of different tools involved in order for you to do the job. A multi tool kit like the Porter-Cable PC250MTK 2.5 Amp Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit With 36 Accessories can save you in both money and time - because you can use one tool to do so many of the different parts of the job. Whether you need to put up drywall, cut wood, get rid of some paint or caulk tile in the kitchen or bathroom, this kit gives you the tool that can do all of that and more. You get a lot of great features in the Porter-Cable tool kit - starting with lots of power. The multi-tool is loaded with 120 volts and the motor is a solid 2.5 amps. The motor gives the tool the powerful torque to cut through wood, metal and more. But the tool can be used for sanding or grinding, too - even in tight spaces like the railing on stairs. The multi-tool has variable speed, so you can adjust the speed to the task at hand - and when it's time to move on to another part of the job, you'll be able to keep on working without having to stop and hunt for a bolt or a wrench to change accessories. The Tool Free System doesn't need any extra tools when you want to switch out accessories. With an easy push of the lever, you can switch out the parts or change the tool so that you can get a better angle for the task. When you let go of the lever, the accessories are held snugly into the tool. You get less vibration with this multi-tool, so it's good to use on longer projects. The weight of the tool is 6.6 inches and it's 15 inches long, so it's powerful without being bulky. You get a 10-foot cord with the tool, so you'll have plenty of reach. Included in the accessories of the kit is a grout blade and a precision wood end cut blade. But you also get a wood and metal end cut blade as well as a flush cut blade among the accessories. Also in the kit are sandpaper sheets and two scrapers, one flexible and one rigid. The toolbox is molded to protect the multi tool and its accessories and will keep all of the pieces in one handy location.


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