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14 Aug 2017
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Review: Stanley 94-248 65-Piece Homeowner's Tool Kit


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Posted By Jasmine F.

Having tools around the house makes good sense. You never know when you’re going to need a tool to use for a quick repair. If something happens during the day, it’s easy to just run over to a neighbor’s house and borrow a tool from him. But as Murphy’s Law would have it, many home repair needs are of the urgent nature and they end up happening in the middle of the night. You can’t until morning to fix a broken pipe from an appliance that’s flooding your house or from a broken pipe in the wall. They have to be taken care of immediately to prevent damage to your home. You should have a variety of tools for jobs like that and for every job that might crop up around the house. To save on time when you need them in a hurry, you should make sure that you keep them in the same place every time. The Stanley 94-248 65-Piece Homeowner's Tool Kit is one of the best tool kits you can get to keep on hand around your house. Offering you 65 pieces, this tool kit has everything you need for a quick repair job or for a more in-depth repair job. But it also has everything in it for those who like to undertake D-I-Y projects. The kit itself is a molded case. That means the tools will stay neatly together in one handy place so that you can grab them in a hurry. These tools are made of high quality steel so that means they’ll stand the test of time. They’re also made with your comfort in mind because of the ergonomically designed handles. You get a lot of tools in this kit all for one low price. The tools that come in the kit are a hammer, a tape measure and a level. You also get a 18mm snap-off knife. Included in the kit are two pairs of pliers, two screwdrivers with one of them being a Phillips. There are also sixteen hex keys, eight of them metric and the other eight SAE. You get a variety of sockets, a quarter inch ratchet, a spinner handle and a bit holder along with 30 bits. Each of these tools has great features. The tape measure has an end hook, which makes getting accurate measures easy even if you’re measuring a room by yourself. Plus, the tape measure has a belt clip for keeping it on hand while you’re working. The hammer has a feature which helps to protect against chipping when you’re using it. The snap-off knife has thirteen blade sections for long lasting use so you’ll always have a sharp point on hand.

Comments (6)

By Preston D. on AUG 18 2017 @ 7:23PM

I like this kind of set, enough for most things you need, but not overbard.

By Earl Y. on AUG 18 2017 @ 7:10PM

Stanley makes some great tools, I'm sure I'll continue to use them for years to come

By Myra C. on AUG 18 2017 @ 8:04AM

This is a perfect gift for dad's birthday!

By Gerald M. on AUG 17 2017 @ 9:17PM

Sometimes it's actually cheaper to buy a new set when you only need a few of the tools included, even though you do tend to end up with a lot in the garage that way.

By Freddy F. on AUG 16 2017 @ 5:08PM

I wonder if one of the pliers in the set is a needle-nose....something I tend to need a lot.

By Ricardo W. on AUG 15 2017 @ 12:15PM

Very useful!

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